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Tabla Tuning in New York Nov 10, 2001 02:26 p.m.

Hey:) Does anyone know a shop where I can get my tablas tuned and any other tightening-up/maintanence necessary in New York City, preferably within a reasonable distance to the NYU/ Washington Square Park area? Also, do you have any idea of how much this would cost? Please send answers to:
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Re:Tabla Tuning in New York Nov 13, 2001 02:50 p.m.

there are 2 places i can think of...i happened to meet a tabla player here in new york by the name a of misha masud (who happens to not fix tablas) however she plays them im sure very well. i gave my tablas to her and she had them fixed by a man she knows who lives in new jersey. this cost me about $100-$140 or so.. labor usually cost $40 a head heads usually cost $25-$40 the other place is somehwere in jacksonville heights called chanday an at hope this will help
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