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Gabe Halberg
Shyahi/Gab Buzz Repair Jun 21, 2001 12:19 p.m.


At one point in the past someone wrote a post regarding repair of the buzzing sound that
sometimes comes from the shyahi/gab. I have been repairing such buzzes by locating the loose section and applying a minute amount of crazy glue. This seeps into the cracks around the loose section and stops the buzzing sound. However, it is sometimes impossible to locate the buzzing section. In the post to which I am referring, it was suggested using a "silicone based filler," rubbed into the shyahi with a cloth. Once this was allowed to dry, apparently the buzzing sound would be gone. I am hoping to try this on an old puri, one which I don't care if it gets ruined. Here's my question... is this "Silicone based filler'" just the standard silicone one would find in a hardware store in the USA? I have been asking about, and people are not familiar with the term "silicone based filler," but regular silicone is a stock item. Does anyone have knowledge of this?

Thanks in advance.

Gabe Halberg

Re:Shyahi/Gab Buzz Repair Jun 22, 2001 08:39 a.m.


e-MAIL ME ON I will impart to U the real stuff which i have learnt from my visit to India. I have tried it many times and its perfect.

I await UR mail


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