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do palli gat Feb 25, 2001 11:31 a.m.

i have a problem with a "do palli gat" which was given to me (too) quickly by Shankar Ghosh. here it is, as i wrote it:
(ge ne da a a a) *2
(da ge na ge de ne) *2
(ta ki te da a a )*2
(ta ge de ne ta ke )*2
(ta ke ta ke te te te te )*2
(te te de ne )*2
(na ra na ra) *2
(ka ta )*2
(ga di) *2
(ge ge din din) *2
(ge tereketetake tet) *2

... but it doesn't fit in 16beats. does anyone know this gat ?
tell me what's wrong?

Re:do palli gat Feb 25, 2001 04:17 p.m.

Here this is the solution to your problem -- hopefully this will help you out. I've made some corrections to the gat that you posted.

ge ne ge ne dha -- (maatra falls on the two ghenes)
dhage nak dhene dhage nak dhene --(maatra falls on the two dhages)
(ta ki te dha )*2 -- (maatra falls on the two ta)
tak dene tag tak dene tag -- (maatra falls on the two taks)
tak tak dhete dhete (maatra falls on the first tak and the second dhete)
dhene dhene nana nana (maatra on thh first nana)
kata kata gadi gadi (maatra on the second kata)
ghe ghe dhin dhin ghe ghe dhin dhin (on the first of each of the ghe ghes)
(ghen tereketetake tet) *2 Dha(sum) (on both of the ghens on each repetition)

Hope that helped.

Re:do palli gat Feb 26, 2001 02:19 p.m.

thanks Shouri
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