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New! Nizamuddin Khan Benefit Video Feb 06, 2001 11:10 a.m.

Dear friends at Tabla Forum:

Digitala is pleased to present a videotape of Ustad Nizamuddin Khan performing a tabla solo in tintal. January 13, 2001 was chosen for the release date, exactly 16 years after the original performance at the Ninth Ahmedjan Thirakwa Poonyathithi (Death Anniversary Program), held at Dombivli (Bombay) India on January 13, 1985. The video is now available from the Digitala website,

All Digitala profits from the sale of this videotape will go to the late Ustad�s family.

After accepting the traditional garland and shawl from Padma Shree Gajananrao Joshi, Nizamuddin Khansahib plays a solo lasting nearly 1 1/2 hours. Approximately halfway through the performance, his son Kamaluddin joins him on stage to prompt his father with enthusiastic recitations of traditional compositions. Together they explore the panorama of peshkars, kaidas, tukras, and gats of the tabla repertoire, much to the delight of the knowledgeable audience.

Nizamuddin Khan is known in the west as an accompanist by his recordings with vocalists of the first rank, and as a soloist by his famous 1994 CD from India Archive Music.

Here�s a chance for you to treat yourself to a thrilling and historic performance, and to help out the artist�s family at the same time.

Kya bhat hai!

Jef Feldman

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